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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This Friday marks the beginning of the Adult Summer Reading Program. The kick-off event is a "Game Night" on the 12th, 6-8 PM. The idea is to play a traditional board or strategy game, make new friends, and to learn about this summer's events.

If the game portion of the evening is a success, it may pave the way for future "Game Nights." Come with a team or come by yourself. Bring your own favorite game! Call the Library at 432-7154 to register. Pizza will be served.

If you look at the woodprint above, you will notice that the go players must be having some disagreement about the rules. The New Complete Hoyle Revised: The Authoritative Guide of the Official Rules of All Popular Games of Skill and Chance [794 NEW] has the rules to Go, so if there is ever a disagreement, you needn't resort to fisty-cuffs!

Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures by Sally Wilkins [790 WIL] has simple to follow directions for playing Go, as well as games that originated in other regions of the world, including South America and Oceania!

If you can't get to the Library to borrow a book, Masters Traditional Games is a website that has rules for traditional games.

Print by Kiyonaga Torii, circa 1781-1789, courtesy Library of Congress.

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