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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Suffragette is a new film that will be opening later this year. It stars Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, and Carey Mulligan. Read more about the film here.

The story takes place in England. The title itself gives the location away. Suffragette was the name given to British woman who worked for the right to vote. Here in the United States, they were called suffragists. English suffragettes were not adverse to using violent actions to bring their issue to light. In the U. S. the women was a little more subdued.

In both England and the U.S., the movement had plenty of detractors as is evidenced by the illustration below:

The caption reads, "The Feminine of Jekyll and Hyde." Udo J. Keppler, artist, 1913, courtesy Library of Congress.

Children generally have no idea that 100 years ago, women couldn't vote. Here are a few books that should open a few eyes:

Fritz, Jean. You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton? [J B STA]

Kamma, Anne. If You Lived When Women Won Their Rights. [J 324.623 KAM]

Nash, Carol Rust. The Fight for Women's Right to Vote in American History. [J 324.6 NAS]

Rossi, Ann. Created Equal: Women Campaign for the Right to Vote, 1840-1920. [J 324.623 ROS]

VanRynbach, Iris. The Taxing Case of the Cows: A True Story about Suffrage. [JP VAN]

And this video from PBS, One Woman, One Vote. [DVD 324.623 ONE]

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