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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

It's National Underwear Day!

Back when I was a kid, we referred to my Polish grandmother's underwear as "gitchy-gotches."* I always thought it was a nonsense, made-up, family word. Not so! It seems that "gitch gotch" (or "gitch gonch") is a widely known Canadian term for underwear! Even more research led me to finding that "gotch" may have its roots in a Ukrainian word gatky, which in the case of my grandmother makes perfect sense since she lived in a neighborhood full of Polish and Ukrainian immigrants. Live and learn.

Today, August 5th is National Underwear Day! The perfect time of year to celebrate, what with the temperatures being conducive to prancing around, underwear clad, in one of the many Underwear Day celebrations! Since it is also back-to-school shopping time, remember to buy underwear!

Reading about underwear is fun, too, especially if you're in the kindergarten through grade 2 demographic! Adults, may be interested in the historical, fashion, or romantic aspects of underwear.

Here are a few titles of interest for National Underwear Day!

It should have come as no surprise that there's an underwear day, after all, in August, there's also a mustard day, a vinyl record day, a left-handers day, a bad poetry day, and a kiss-and-make-up day. It seems there is a day for everyone and everything!

*In case you're wondering why my grandmother's underwear was the subject of discussion, keep in mind that it was the time before electric dryers, when people hung their wash outside, apartment building to apartment building, and across alleys in full view of the world!

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