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Thursday, September 03, 2015

And the Best Celebration...

for the month of September is "Happy Cat Month!" Yes, it's happy cat month and if you have a cat, you can make your cat happy by starting with these six tips:
1. Leaving it alone and letting it sit where it needs to sit! (Borrow Feng Shui For You and Your Cat by Alison Daniels [133.3 DAN].)

2. Making GOOD treats instead of that crappy stuff you've been bringing home. Yes, your cat may have loved it yesterday, but, duh, it's a new day! Why aren't you psychic? (My advice, open a can of real-people tuna, and let your cat have one teensy-tinesy piece. However, it's not particularly healthy. If you're looking for "healthy" borrow Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat by Marion Nestle [636.7084 NES])

3. Turning off the air conditioner and opening the window wide for the best view of birds. (You may want to identify them, if so, we have a number of field guides in 598, but your cat just wants to eat them! Which is a possible solution to the crappy snack problem.)

4. Never, ever, ever, putting deely boppers or fake antlers or a bow on the cat! (You have no common sense--sorry, no book is going to help you with that!)

5. No kissing, unless cat indicates it's okay. (How are you supposed to know? See #2 and borrow The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic by Lynn A. Robinson [133.8 ROB].)

6. Give up any hope of training the cat! (DON'T borrow this book: Outsmarting Cats: How to Persuade the Felines in Your Life to Do What You Want by Wendy Christensen [636.8 CHR].)

Got a feeling that nothing you will do will make your cat happy? Psycho Kitty?: Understanding Your Cat's "Crazy" Behavior by Pam Johnson-Bennett [636.8 JOH] may help you to adjust your cat-owner-attitude!

One more piece of advice. If you can't make your cat happy, you can at least make yourself happy. If the spirit moves you, give your cat a kiss.

I also recommend The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons [741.5 NEW], or, spending the afternoon watching cat videos on YouTube.

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