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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Without Color

Although Bob Ross passed away 20 years ago, many people fondly remember his show on public television, The Joy of Painting. Ross had a soft, rather hypnotic voice. His belief that anyone can paint was contagious.

Within the past week, an old Joy of Painting segment, "Shades of Grey," has resurfaced on Facebook, and is now available on YouTube. The amazing thing about this video is that it shows that color blindness need not hold one back. Watch!

The world is beautiful in black and white, too. Try sketching it in charcoal or pencil. Need some guidance? Look for one of these books:

De Reyna, Rudy. How to Draw What You See. [741.2 DER]

Goldman, Ken. Charcoal Drawing. [741.22 GOL]

Hamilton, John. The Complete Sketching Book. [741.2 HAM]

Sparkes, W. E. Lessons on Shading. [ebook]

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