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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Graphic Novels, Comics, Cartoons?

What do you call all these illustrated-type books? What's Manga? What's the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel? Are cartoons and toons the same thing? A nonfiction book in comic form isn't a graphic novel, so then what is it? I'm not sure there is a definitive answer to any of these questions. Go to 5 different people and you'll get 5 different answers.

Here in Windham, we tend to group all these types of illustrated works together under the heading CX (for comix).

You didn't know we had comix? We sure do! Here are a few from our collection that were published in 2015:

Right over the border in White River Junction, Vermont, there's even a school devoted to comic illustration, which has graduate level degrees in cartooning. It's The Center for Cartoon Studies. Interestingly, The Center has The Schulz Library,
Located in the historic Post Office building in White River, is CCS’s own Schulz Library. Thanks for generous donations from publishers, artists, and collectors the world over, our collection is abundant and unique. From our selection of contemporary graphic novels, to our out-of-print and rare collections of gag cartoons and classic newspaper strips, the Schulz Library is a dream come true for the cartoonist bibliophile.

In addition to comic books and graphic novels, the library holds an extensive collection of books about cartooning – both academic and instructional. Our reference section is a great resource on a variety of fine arts including design, illustration, animation, and photography. Our periodical section contains a near-complete run of The Comics Journal.

Unique to the Schulz library is our zine and mini-comic library, a one-of-a-kind collection of handmade publications. Students can browse through comics’ untold history, and draw on this collection when making their own publications. And of course, in honor of our namesake, the Schulz library has an admirable collection of rare Peanuts books which span Schulz’s career. The Schulz library is open to CCS students, faculty, and staff and is equipped with high speed wireless internet.

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