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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unusual Items

We are back from the New England Library Association/New Hampshire Library Association joint conference that was held in Manchester Sunday through Tuesday.

Yesterday, many staff members attended a presentation titled, "Circulating Unusual Items." It was thoroughly enjoyable 75 minutes as we learned about the variety of items available for check-out at libraries around New England. We discovered libraries are loaning such items as selfie sticks, space binoculars, and stud finders (stud: the construction kind, not the date kind).

We have a number of unusual items, too, here at the Nesmith Library. Perhaps you didn't know we had these for adults and teens:

Driver Ed in a Box. Parent Taught Driver Education. [KIT 629.283 DRI]

Kill A Watt Energy Detector. [KIT 333.793 KIL]

Learn Crochet. [YA KIT 746.434 LEA]

Loom Knitting Primer. [KIT 746.432 PHE]

Microscope Activity. [YA KIT 502.82 MIC]

Quilt Display Stand. [EQUIPMENT 746.46 QUI] (Photography background stand.)

Sock Loom: Knit Your Own Socks! [KIT 746.432 SOC]

The staff was inspired by the presentation yesterday and we're considering adding more "unusual items" to our collection. What would you like to see us offer? A metal detector? Engraving pen (to add your name to your possessions or for an art project)? Sewing machine? Soil test kit? Let us know!


  1. This is great to know Diane! Love those little knitting devices--I recall making many a "tube" as a kid!

    1. Hi Lindsey! Visit your local public library and ask what non-book items are available to borrow, then come back here and let me know since we're looking to expand our collection!