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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Traditions

Many cultures, and families, have New Year's traditions. What's yours? Some are as simple as leaving the front door open to welcome good luck. Others involve preparation of special meals. Still others involve religious observations.

To learn about meals created for New Year's, look in Holidays of the World Cookbook For Students by Lois Sinaiko Webb [641.568 WEB], or The World Religions Cookbook by Arno Schmidt and Paul Fieldhouse [641.59 SCH]. Within these cookbooks you'll find recipes for Osechi-Ryori (New Year's food) from Japan including O-zoni (New Year's soup), Kateh (golden rice cake) from Iran, Hagmanay bun (New Year's bun) from Scotland, and Bigos (Hunter's stew) from Poland.

You'll find plenty more recipes and traditions covered in cookbooks from individual countries. Come browse our shelves then have a Happy New Year!

Photo of Philadelphia's New Year's Mummer's parade by Carol M. Highsmith, Courtesy Library of Congress.

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