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Friday, December 11, 2015

Poetry Friday--Amazing Places

Lee Bennett Hopkins, is a poet with a Guinness World Record. He is the "Most Prolific Anthologist of Poetry for Children."

Mr. Hopkins recently published yet another anthology, this one, Amazing Places [J 811.008 AMA], contains poems of places and the things that made these places particularly notable. For example, there are poems about Niagara Falls, Fenway Park, Chinatown, and the Liberty Bell.

There is a map on the endpapers so that readers can place the locations, and, there are notes at the end of the book that tell us "More about the Amazing Places."

Here is a poem by Mr. Hopkins about the Watkins Museum of History in Lawrence Kansas, and Langston Hughes, who was a resident of Lawrence for a dozen years:

Who would have known
a young lad
door-to-door newspapers
in a small town
would one day
see people the world over
carrying his papers--

his reams of poems--

poems about--
rainy sidewalks,
stormy seas,
crystal stair memories,
but best of all,

         his dusts of dreams.

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