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Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, Phyllis Logan!

Phyllis Logan? Yes, the actress who plays Mrs. Hughes, from the PBS series, Downton Abbey.

Ms. Logan turns 60 today!

Did you catch episode 2 of the final season, last night? Downton fans don't want to miss a single episode. If, for some reason, you were unable to watch it, you can see it online at PBS.org. Check out some of the other Downton Abbey features such as "The Ultimate Episode Guide", which promises "Episode Spoilers, Trivia Quiz, Cast Video Interviews, Best Quotes, and More!" On the off-chance that you haven't watched Downton Abbey before, we have all 5 of the seasons leading up to this one [DVD DOW]. I doubt if they're on our shelf right now, but you can always put a hold on them!

And in case you want to see what Logan/Mrs. Hughes, looks like out of her Downton housekeeper's uniform, here she is:

The photo, from Getty, is taken from an article which appeared in the British paper, The Express, back in November 2015.

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