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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So, Did You Watch In Defense of Food?

A couple of weeks ago I recommended watching the documentary film, In Defense of Food, which was being shown on PBS. It is still available to watch, but only for another week; click here to view it online.

So, why am I posting about it again today? To offer you some assistance in eating more plants!

If you're not afraid to try new things, then you're good to go. The marketplace is fortunately also making it easier to move to a more plant-i-ful life. Supermarkets offer aisles and aisles of fresh fruits and vegetables. More vegetarian offerings are appearing on restaurant menus. And, if this article is any indication, there will probably be plant-based pubs in our future!

Here's how the Library can help--with cookbooks that will show you how to make delicious vegetarian meals:

This is only a sampling--I haven't even included the books for vegans! If you've seen In Defense of Food, you will know it's still okay to eat meat--only less of it!

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