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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Will It Or Won't It Snow This Weekend?

I've heard any number of forecasts of this weekend's snow event. Here's one that doesn't look good for those who hate snow--"But the storm won’t be a slouch in New York City or Boston—a foot or so of snow is likely in those cities, too." Sources closer to us are forecasting sun and clouds. As we get closer to the weekend, forecasts will change.

For the sake of this post, let's talk about what you need to know if we get a major snowstorm. There are those who welcome such a storm--skiers, snowboarders, and KIDS! On Facebook I found advice for parents of kids who have a snow day. This article is from a school in Washington, D. C., but a snowday is a snowday no matter where! What I like about the piece is that it doesn't focus on outdoor play, but instead provides suggestions for what to do with the kids after they come indoors. You'll find varied activities such as making flavored popcorn and learning the fundamentals of code!

As far as the Library is concerned, we will post closings on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. And, we will contact WMUR. Check for the Library under "N" for Nesmith.

Parents of preschoolers please remember that if the Library is open, but the schools are closed or have a delayed opening, there will be no story hours that day.

Finally, I want to alert you to our new collection of "Unusual Items." After all the snow we had last year, we decided to add a roof rake to the items that were have available to borrow! Who knows, you may need it after this weekend!

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