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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Discussable Books

This is a crazy week, so I'm not doing much in the way of posting. However, for today, I'm going to tell you about two discussable novels that book groups should enjoy. They're both a few years older than anything you'll find on the current bestseller list, which means it should be easy to get multiple copies from other libraries.

The Daring Ladies of Lowell by Kate Alcott.
Moving to the mill city of Lowell in 1832 to escape farm life, young Alice is disillusioned by the local factory's harsh working conditions and struggles to advocate on their behalf while recklessly falling in love with the mill owner's son, a situation that is complicated by a murder and sensational trial.
A little bit of local history, a little bit of romance, and a trial--what's not to like? Your book group may want to take an excursion down to Lowell for one of the mill tours.

Delicious! by Ruth Reichl.
Working as a public relations hotline consultant for a once-prestigious culinary magazine, Billie Breslin unexpectedly enters a world of New York restaurateurs and artisanal purveyors while reading World War II letters exchanged between a plucky 12-year-old and James Beard.
This is a bit cliche with its hidden beauty main character slowly emerging as a desirable woman, however, there's plenty to discuss about a hidden room and what the MC finds inside. And books about food are always fun with a book group!

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more.

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