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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Making a Connection

Over the past week I've seen several articles such as this one titled, "Science students get better grades when they know Einstein and Marie Curie also struggled."

When we think of successful scientists, artists, musicians, or athletes, we tend to think these people have an innate talent. It's only when we dig deeper do we find, everyone has devoted hours to study, experimentation, practice, etc., and most everyone had obstacles to overcome. This realization helps to make a connection--I have problems, too, but maybe I can work hard just like [fill-in-the-name here] did!

Here are books for kids about the two people who were mentioned in the headline: Marie Curie: Physics and Chemistry Pioneer by Katherine Krieg [J B CUR] and Albert Einstein by Milton Meltzer [J B EIN]. Visit our biography section in the children's room where you'll find many more stories that will help your kids make a connection.

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