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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Not So Wild and Crazy

A new exhibition recently opened at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston: "The Art of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris."

Here's a short video from the Vancouver Art Gallery about Harris and his work:

Harris is not exactly well-known, so, in order to raise interest in the artist and his work, the MFA invited Steve Martin to curate the exhibit!

WBUR in Boston ran a segment in which Martin was interviewed about his job as a curator of art. It began,
Steve Martin is probably best known for his comedy, but he’s worn many different artistic hats during his career, including actor, banjo aficionado, playwright and screenwriter.

They neglected to mention that Martin is also a novelist! We have several of his books on our shelves including An Object of Beauty [F MAR, AB/CD MAR, also eAudio].

And, if you can't get Steve Martin as the "wild and crazy guy," that's okay, too, because we have Saturday Night Live. The Best of Steve Martin in our DVD collection [DVD 791.45 SAT].

If you would like to visit the Harris exhibit, remember the Library has a museum pass donated by FLOW. To reserve it, click here.

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