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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Opossums don't generally spring to mind when I think of New Hampshire wildlife. The only time I've ever seen one is squished in the street. NH Fish and Game doesn't have a fact sheet on opossums, but several other organizations do. Here's one from National Geographic.

So why am I posting today about opossums? For one reason--ticks! Ticks, and the costs of Lyme disease, should be on everyone's mind. The tick population has exploded and even a walk in your front yard can result in a tick bite. Opossums play a role in keeping tick populations down as is explained in this article called, "Opossums are the saviors of humans against lyme disease--don’t make them roadkill."

Preserving those ghostly white, wickedly toothy possum grins is a worthy goal! Reading about possums is too!

We have a large number of children's picture books and easy readers that feature opossums as characters, there is even a series called "Cork & Fuzz" by Dori Chaconas [E CHA]. Fuzz is the possum character and Cork is his muskrat friend. We own eight titles in the series!

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