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Monday, March 21, 2016

Tap-- Alive and Well?

In the era of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (1930s), to be able to tap dance was every child's dream. After the 1950s, tap dancing fell out of fashion. Is it making a come-back? If tap dancing penguins (Happy Feet [J DVD HAP]), and this video filmed last week, are any indication, then I believe the answer is "yes." 21st. century tap may look a little different, but it is still DANCING!

Not surprisingly, we have a number of materials in our children's section that deal with tap dancing--both nonfiction and fiction titles!

Dillon, Leo. Rap a Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles--Think of That! [JP DIL]

Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue. [J DVD DOR]

Federle, Tim. Tommy Can't Stop! [JP FED]

Glover, Savion. Savion!: My Life in Tap. [J B GLO]

Graves, Karen Marie. Tap Dancing. [J 792.78 GRA]

Krulik, Nancy E. Tip-Top Tappin' Mom. [J KRU]

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