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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Early American

What was life like in America during the Revolutionary War and the early 1800s? You'll get an idea by checking out the YouTube channel of Jas. Townsend & Sons. (Jas. is the abbreviation for the name, James.) The videos (and their commercial website) are designed for historical re-enactors, but the short films are of value to anyone who may want, or need, to learn more about how people lived 200 years ago.

Often, kids are assigned activities to extend their historical learning, for example, cooking a dish typical of the times. The videos are full of such activities! Here the viewer learns about making a carrot custard:

On her Facebook page, young adult author, Laurie Halse Anderson, shared the Jas. Townsend YouTube channel with teachers and suggested it could be used in conjunction with her young adult novels, Chains and Forge [both YA AND] (and her latest one, Ashes, scheduled to be released later this year). Teacher, or student, I think you'll find the videos fascinating.

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