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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Poetry Friday--A Poem for Dogwood Season

In browsing our American poetry shelves, I came across an old volume titled, The Unicorn and Other Poems, 1935-1955 by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It was published in 1956 and has probably been on our shelf since then!

The dogwood will soon begin to leaf-out and bloom here in the Northeast. Lindbergh wrote this little poem to celebrate it:


The dogwood hurts me as I run
Beneath its load
This Spring,
Those white stars cascading
Down the wood road,
Those white blossoms with their faces
Upturned to the sun.

The grace of their branches is compassionate,
In an uncompassionate world.
The whiteness of their blossoms is too pure
To be unfurled
In a world soiled by the feet of men;
And they are open--too open,
In their flat uplifted acceptance
Of the sky.

They lie.
They say--
(And I do not believe!)
They say--
(Oh, they deceive--they deceive!)
They say--
(And I shut my ears to their cry):

"Look, it is here, the answer,
It is here,
If you would only see,
If you would only listen,
If you would only open your heart."
They say--
"Look, it is here!"

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Have a great Earth Day, too!


  1. Open your heart. That is the line that resonated with me and I will take with me on this Earth Day.

    1. That line grabbed me, too, Carol!

  2. This is the perfect poem for today, as our dogwoods just bloomed! Thank you. :)

    1. Our dogwoods don't even have leaves!

  3. Thanks for sharing this poem. It's new to me, and I love it.
    I've been looking at new curtains for our "new" ocean home we'll be moving to shortly. The "Dogwood" pattern keeps cropping up in my searches, and I'm tempted to buy them for my kitchen and livingroom windows. Now you have me distracted and searching online again!

    1. How interesting that dogwood patterns are back in fashion! Good luck with your move! Are you still be in the same town in Maine?