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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Internet Gaming Database

If you're a big movie fan, you probably already know about the Internet Movie Database. It has changed significantly over the years from strictly a database of films to a tool of Amazon.com. However, it still remains the first place I go for information about movies.

There is new database started, Internet Game Database. Here's a statement from the IGDB FAQ page:
What is IGDB?

The goal of the Internet Game Database is to gather, preserve, and distribute knowledge about games. This knowledge includes not only the data that every gamer finds printed in their analog and digital game manuals, but also the data that can never be captured in stable print: what the games really are. Games are not books, films, or toys - they are all of those things and more. True knowledge of games can only be gained by gaming and study, and this is why IGDB exists: to provide gamers their own shared vision of what games really are. All are welcome to join us on this journey.

If the Nesmith Library were to loan games, what would you suggest we purchase? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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