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Friday, May 20, 2016

Poetry Friday--"Lucky Lindy!"

Today marks the 89th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's historic trans-Atlantic flight. Within days of completing his flight, a song had been written and recorded. "Lucky Lindy!" was the title and it was recorded by at least three different orchestras in 1927 (there are three versions to be found on YouTube). Here is the version by Sam Lanin:

Lucky Lindy!
Lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert
Music by Abel Baer

Lucky Lindy! Up in the sky
Fair or windy, he's flying high.
Peerless, fearless --- knows every cloud
The kind of a son makes a mother feel proud!
Lucky Lindy! Flies all alone
In a little plane all his own,
Lucky Lindy shows them the way
And he's the hero of the day.

Lindbergh's own account of the 33-hour flight, The Spirit of St. Louis [629.1309 LIN], is in our collection.

Fly on down to Louisiana where Margaret is hosting this week's Round-Up at Reflections on the Teche.


  1. How can be that long ago? What would Lindbergh have to say about flight today?

  2. What a price he paid for his fame. Great verse in his honor, though.