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Monday, June 13, 2016


emo·ji noun \ē-ˈmō-jē\
plural emoji or emo·jis
: any of various small images, symbols, or icons used in text fields in electronic communication (as in text messages, e-mail, and social media) to express the emotional attitude of the writer, convey information succinctly, communicate a message playfully without using words, etc.

From: Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.

I was late in getting this post together, so, I'm going to take this opportunity to introduce you to something called the Emojipedia. If you, like me, have a hard time trying to figure out the tiny icons, called emojis, that friends, relatives, co-workers send in their text messages, the Emojipedia, might be a way to unravel the mystery of texting!

You can look things up by platform, for example, what you can use on Facebook or Twitter. Or, you can look things up by category, for example, if you and a friend have a sushi date, you might want to add a sushi icon to your text message. Check under the "Food & Drink" category to find sushi.

Spice up your messages, but don't get carried away!

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