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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

June is Great Outdoors Month!

Today is the first day of June, and the beginning of Great Outdoors Month! The weather has certainly started cooperating! If you can't get out the rest of the month, please make an effort to get out on Saturday, June 11, which is designated as National Get Outdoors Day.

The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and lots of events are planned at parks throughout the United States. To find the national parks in New Hampshire or in any of the other states, click here.

What do you like to do outdoors? Fish?--look in our 799 sections. Hik?--796.5. Sketch?--741.2. Learn more about what nature has to offer?--508 or 574. Camp?--796.5. Spread a blanket on a sandy beach and read? You might find Lena Lenček's The Beach: The History of Paradise on Earth [394 LEN] the perfect book to take along with you!

Whatever you like to do, I'm sure you'll find something at the Nesmith Library to help you do it better or smarter or easier or find a place to do it!

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