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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Poetry Friday--Fairy Poetry

The Library is in the midst of a "secret" outdoor project--details forthcoming. Let's just say the fairy poem for today is a hint of what's in store!

Not surprisingly, we have several books of fairy poems and many more anthologies containing individual fairy poems. Here are three devoted to poetry about fairy folk:

Barker, Cicely Mary. The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies. [821.912 BAR]

If You See a Fairy Ring. [J 821 IF]

Where Fairies Dance. (Selected and illustrated by Michael Hague.) [J 821 WHE]

Not just fairies, but all manner of uncanny creatures are found in William Shakespeare: Starlight & Moonshine: Poetry of the Supernatural [821 SHA]. Today's poem, illustrated by Jane Breskin Zalben, is from that book:

Flitter on over to Carol's Corner for this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up.


  1. A beautiful extract and I love the matching illustration.

  2. I have that same extract on my web site, chosen for a long ago Poetry Friday and the Three-Quote challenge. Shakespeare's writing is wonderful and magical.

  3. I have a fairy poem book, will need to find it, Diane. Love that last line. When walking in the early morning, I sometimes can see those pearls!