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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer's Here!

Once school is out, parents are presented with the problem of "what to do with the kids?" Besides the obvious READ! and visit the Library for reading, viewing, and listening materials and events, what else is there to do?

Browse through this list of "100 Outdoor Adventures to Do Before Your Kids Turn 10." This list is not full of new and unusual adventures that will cost you tons of money, but it contains activities that may seem totally obvious. The trouble with something that should be "obvious" is that, it may be so familiar as to be overlooked. Why not try #10, "Jump in a lake," but do it locally at the Windham Town Beach at Cobbett's Pond. Lake swimming doesn't have to be turned into a big production involving car rides to lakes in Massachusetts or Maine or an hour and a half's drive north in New Hampshire.

If you want to do #32, "Create a paper airplane and see how far it will fly," stop by the Library first and borrow one of these:

Say you're up for a daytrip, there are plenty of places here in NH and the rest of the New England states, that don't require an overnight stay. Visit our Pinterest page, "Travel Close to Home," where we've collected 145 locations and activities that are not too far away! If you've found a place that's close to home and is not on our Pinterest page, let me know here. If there's a website I'll find it and pin it to our board!

Have a great summer!

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