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Monday, July 25, 2016

It's National Moth Week!

Yes, indeed, there's a whole week devoted to a celebration of moths! It began on Saturday, July 23, and runs through the 31st. This is the fifth year it is being celebrated. Who knew, right?

Read more about National Moth Week here.

We've had many a variety of moth visit our butterfly garden, or our building. Here's a photo of an impressive lunar moth that clung to one of our windows a few years back:

To identify the moths in your neighborhood look for Butterflies and Moths by David J. Carter [595.78 CAR], or visit Butterflies and Moths of North America. And, if your child is having problems understanding that moths are not butterflies, Moth or Butterfly? by Susan Kralovansky [J 595.78 KRA] will help to explain the differences.

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