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Friday, August 05, 2016

Poetry Friday--Adventures in Connections

Adventures in connections? Let me explain: tomorrow is the anniversary of the birth of Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy fame. She was born on August 6, 1911--105 years ago. I thought I might find a poem about Lucille Ball, or I Love Lucy, since she and the sitcom were such a notable part of post-WW II popular culture. I always check first the Poetry Foundation website search feature, but found nothing directly related to Lucille Ball.

A general search at Poetry Foundation for the term "Lucy," led me to a poem by Ben Jonson called, "To Lucy, Countess of Bedford, with John Donne's Satires" Its opening and closing lines perfectly fit Lucille Ball with her red hair and comedic genius:
Lucy, you brightness of our sphere, who are
Life of the Muses' day, their morning star!

I also found a number of poems written by a poet named Lucy Eddy (1863-1931). Several of which are found in the February 1918 edition of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse. Included is this:

"In the sand a foot-fall/Sings..." Led me to wonder if the song of a desert's singing sands is the same as the song of Manchester-by-the-Sea Massachusetts' Singing Beach. And that in turn led me to this short video for those who have never been to the Singing Beach.

Not a straight path to a blog post, but I hope you see the connections. Half the fun in getting there is in the trip itself!

This week's Poetry Friday Round-Up is being hosted by Tara at A Teaching Life.


  1. I pen an ode, I hope will not be odious. That sounds like a title...

    An Ode Not Quite Odious

    To Lucy of the curling locks,
    red, shining but tightly tamed,
    as was your genius, always
    cloaked in silly ways and
    cunning looks. You capered,
    scarpered, skeddadled and tattled,
    never more charming when
    trying to be disarming.
    Would I could have met you,
    repaid every laugh with
    the right words to lift you
    when you needed it, as you
    lifted me so many times.
    I'm left only to gift you rhymes.

    Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

    Well that's torn it. I'm almost teary, despite my desire to howl at the moon and laugh at the kookaburra. I may even have to post a second time.

    1. Wow! Thanks, Brenda!

      scarpered, skeddadled and tattled I love this line!

  2. Diane, the singing beach is amazing and little did I know that it is a Lucy day tomorrow. Thanks for the gifts you bestowed on us readers tonight. Brenda, good job with your ode...

    1. Here in New England we have singing sand, and, in the winter, squeaking snow!

  3. Thank you for the journey of thought.I learned so much. I had no idea beaches could sing! And happy birthday Lucy! I loved her too.

    1. A human's mind is amazing with the great number of divergent thoughts it can hold and connections it can make, all within a few minutes.

  4. How wonderful that Brenda wrote an ode to Lucy! Our own pup Lucy's middle name is Ball, after her. Maybe we should put together a Poetry Friday collection about her so the next time someone checks, there will be lots of Lucy poems. 😃

    1. Great idea, Tabatha! We should have a Lucy poem Poetry Friday challenge! We can get Michelle Heidenrich Barnes to organize it. ;-)

  5. Thanks for sharing, Diane! I must include this poem in my notebook.

    1. I love short poems, they fit so nicely in a notebook or even on a post-it note!

  6. Oh, I do love a rabbit hole search. So. much. fun! Lovely poetry. I'm on board with a Lucy poem poetry friday!

    1. A rabbit hole search is a great description. If a rabbit goes down a hole, you never know where it will pop up!