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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Poetry Friday--The North Star

Last night was the peak of the 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower. Were you able to see it? If not, try again tonight after midnight, there may still be plenty of falling stars to see!

One of the poetry books in our collection is an anthology titled Verse & Universe: Poems about Science and Mathematics, edited by Kurt Brown [811.008 VER]. The book contains two sections of "heavenly" poems. I found a profound little poem, "The North Star" by Sue Owen. It is so much more than a description of the North Star. See if you don't agree!
The North Star

See, it is the only one
that will not lie.
It is not tempted
to change like the others

that flicker to color
and disappear.
It has seen so much it knows
better than that.

It remembers the frailties
of being human
and becoming lost, all those
drowned ones it saw,

begging to the end for air.
or those claimed by
the woods who never again
would hear the human voice.

This star is the only one
that knows the importance
of position
in the flow of time and weather.

And that if you want
salvation, you will
look to it as the others did
and not ask it why.

The Poetry Friday Round-Up for this week is taking place at To Read To Write To Be. Stop by!


  1. It was too cloudy here last night to see the meteor shower but I'm hoping to have more luck tonight. Thanks for the starry poem - love it!

  2. We plan to drive out to a dark place and look one night soon. I hope all the wishes made come true. Except Trump's. ;-)

  3. I'm so happy I was fighting insomnia and stopped by! Your post reminded me about the meteor shower and I snuck outside--after seeing two shooting stars, I woke up my daughters and we enjoyed some star gazing and the meteor show together . Thanks for your part in creating that lovely memory and for sharing the North Star poem.

  4. What a breathtaking poem. Clear and bright in meaning. Thank you for this.

  5. What a breathtaking poem. Clear and bright in meaning. Thank you for this.

  6. Alas, too many clouds here. But I'm happy for the opportunity to read this poem!

  7. Oh, wow, I really like that one. Thank you.

  8. I am sad that I missed it! I will try again tonight. Great poem!

  9. Thank you everyone for commenting. I hope the skies allowed for viewing in you neck of the woods.