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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What the Heck Is a Hack?

A hack, in the sense we're going to explore it today, is listed as the #6 definition at Merriam-Webster online dictionary
a usually creative solution to a computer hardware or programming problem or limitation

With the recent proliferation of social media, this definistion is out of date. For most of us on social media, a hack is a creative solution to any type of everyday problem. There are cooking hacks, knitting hacks, car hacks, etc. You can find new and unusual ways to trim your own hair, or to clean the ugly mold off your shower, or to rid your yard of crabgrass!

Individuals have created careers in hacking. Take a look at Crazy Russian Hacker on YouTube. He has filmed videos for hundreds of hacks! Plus, his presentation is always entertaining.

If you don't want to get sucked into YouTube rabbit hole. We still have plenty of books that list what would today be called hacks, but in the recent past were simply referred to as hints and tips. Here are a few:

Ask the Experts: 2500 Great Hints & Smart Tips from the Pros. [640.41 ASK]

Kent, Cassandra. Organizing Hints & Tips: [More Than 1,000 Ideas to Help You Organize Your Work, Home, and Family Life]. [640.41 KEN]

McMahon, Tom. Ten Tips: A Practical Survival Guide for Parents with Kids 11-19. [649.125 MCM]

Minecraft Ultimate Guide: Minecraft Tips, Hints and Ultimate Redstone Guide. [eBook]

1001 Hints & Tips for Your Garden. [635 ONE]

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