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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Coming This Weekend!

This was #1 in the Billboard pop charts from June 9 to July 14, 1958. Do you remember it?

It was during the time when people were obsessed with the idea of space invasion. There was a rash of films (The Day the Earth Stood Still [DVD DAY] and Invasion of the Body Snatchers [DVD INV] are just two examples) released and tv's Twilight Zone episodes can be added to the mix of popular culture from that period. "The Purple People Eater," was a light-hearted response to alien invasion.

During the 1960s, New Hampshire was a hot-bed of alien visitations, with abductions reported by Barney and Betty Hill, whose papers are archived at UNH, and with the "Incident at Exeter," which actually took place just south of Exeter, in Kensington.

Exeter is the place to be with the Exeter UFO Festival happening this weekend. The topics the guest presenters will be speaking on sounds fascinating!

I Know What I Saw: Government and Military Officials Reveal the Truth about UFOs [DVD 001.942 I] is a History Channel documentary that covers the UFO phenomenon.

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