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Monday, September 26, 2016

History in Small Bites

Many of our books of history and biography are thick and weighty tomes. It's great for those who want to dig deeply into a subject and who have the time to do it. But, what about those who like history in smaller bites? I have come across two online sites that provide history that is certainly interesting, yet comes in manageable portions.

First is HistoryGossip. HistoryGossip is exactly what it sounds like! Here is an example:
The year was 1863. It was a June wedding in Paris. Multi-millionaire Isaac Merritt Singer, 52, was marrying the very young, the very pregnant French model, Isabelle Eugenie Boyer, 22. The baby, born the next month, would be Isaac’s 19th child – or maybe the 21st – or...? But who’s counting?
You get drawn in with the gossip, and then you learn a bit about Isaac Singer of Singer Sewing Machine fame.

The second site, Stuff You Missed in History Class, is history presented in podcast form and accompanied by show notes that expand on the topics you learn about in the audios. Recent shows include, "Mary Alice Nelson, aka Molly Spotted Elk," "The Montgolfier Brothers and Their Balloons," "The London Match Girls Strike of 1888."

The podcasts are about 40 minutes long. Stuff You Missed in History Class also has a Facebook page for you to follow!

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