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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Visit Your National Parks For Free This Saturday!

A month ago the National Park Service hosted a weekend of free admission at the National Parks. And now, on Saturday the 24th, they are doing it again!

I took advantage of last month's offer by traveling to Boston for "Rosie the Riveter" weekend at the Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center, which is part of the Boston National Historical Park, and is located in the same area as the USS Constitution Museum.

Birdseye view of the Charlestown Naval Yard courtesy NPS.

Boston is a mere 45 minutes away from Windham, the weather is cooling down, so why not head to the National Historic Park and take part in some of the events shown on this calendar.

The Freedom Trail is part of the Boston NHP and if it part of your planning for Saturday, download 50 Great American Places: Essential Historic Sites across the U.S. by Brent D. Glass [eBook] to learn more about it.

Note: even though admission is free on Saturday, be sure to drop a few dollars in the donation box to make sure that the NPS's wonderful educational opportunities will continue to exist for years to come!

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