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Thursday, October 06, 2016

How Our Children Think

Highlights, the people who bring Highlights for Children to the Library [J MAG HIG] and probably your doctor's and dentist's waiting rooms, too, do a yearly survey, State of the Kid™, in which they ask American children about current topics. This year the focus was on the upcoming election and the role of the president. The survey for 2016, released earlier this week, can be read here.

It seems that half of the children thought that the first job the new president should undertake is keeping the country safe. It is a bit disturbing to think that our children think that the country is in imminent danger and that they live in fear. I suppose, though, it is to be expected when schools undergo "lockdowns," real or practice, on a regular basis.

If you're concerned with your child's anxiety, perhaps either one of these would help: Allison Edwards' Why Smart Kids Worry: And What Parents Can Do About It [155.4124 EDW], or, The Worried Child: Recognizing Anxiety in Children and Helping Them Heal by Paul Foxman [155.4 FOX].

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