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Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Halloween!

If you're a Scrooge-type of individual, and don't want to be bothered answering the doorbell and handing out candy, then one of your options is to sit in the dark on Halloween during the hours from 5 to 8. An easy and fun way to do that is to watch a movie without the lights on. Try one of these:

Dracula: Complete Legacy Collection
. [DVD DRA] (Contains six Dracula movies!)

The Omen. [DVD OME]

The Perfect Storm. [DVD PER] (It's about the Halloween Nor'easter of 1991.)

Poltergeist. [DVD POL]

The Rite. [DVD RIT]

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. [DVD ROC]

Rosemary's Baby. [DVD ROS]

The Watcher in the Woods. [DVD WAT]

That should be enough to get you through the evening! We have plenty more. Come visit us to browse our DVD shelves--we're open until 8:00, so if you stick around until closing, you'll miss all the trick-or-treaters!

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