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Friday, October 28, 2016

Poetry Friday--Halloween Fun!

As I wrote yesterday, today is Frankenstein Friday. It is also Poetry Friday, and since Halloween is coming up on Monday, I thought it's time for a poetic celebration.

I found a book that I don't remember ever having read before, and we've had it since 2000--Two Skeletons on the Telephone and Other Poems from Tough City by Paul Duggan and illustrated by Daniel Sylvestre [J 811 DUG]. It's kind of too bad I've come to this book so late because the combination of poems and pictures are just plain fun!

Here's one to whet your appetite:
The Reason Skeletons Don't Wear Clothes

The reason skeletons don't wear clothes?
Socks won't stay on bony toes,
And underwear just sags and slumps
When hanging from their bony rumps.
Shirts slide off their bony backs,
And pants drop like potato sacks;
And since they can't wear fancy stuff,
Skeletons walk 'round in the buff.

Can't you see a classroom of kids doing a choral reading?

There are plenty of other, even shorter poems that would provide opportunity for each kid in the classroom to select one to be read aloud.

More Halloween poems will probably pop up at the Poetry Friday Round-Up hosted this week by Linda at Teacher Dance. Have a happy Halloween (and by the way, I love dark chocolate...).


  1. I've never seen this before either, Diane, and from the poem & picture shared, it must be wonderful. It reminds me of Shel Silverstein's poems.

  2. Diane, I like this poem that I also never saw before. I used to read Jack Prelutsky's Halloween poems this time of year when I was a reading teacher. Halloween brings back all sorts of wonderful memories for me because it it is a day to bring out the best of the season's books to read aloud.

  3. Hilarious poem. I haven't seen this one before. I like "Tough City."

  4. This one's new to me, but it sounds like a quirky collection, perfect for young readers who love a blend of spooky and funny!

  5. How fun! Great job unearthing a Halloween treat, Diane.

  6. I love this poem! Great humor and rhyme. Thanks for sharing this one and I'll have to look for the book too.