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Thursday, December 08, 2016

10 More Days...

...to get a mitten from the Windham's Helping Hands Giving Tree, purchase the specified gift, and return it, unwrapped, to the Library (by December 18). Each mitten represents a wished-for item such as a toy, or a practical item, such as boots, or pajamas, or a package of sports socks. These items go to local parents who need a bit of holiday joy-making assistance. The parents get to wrap the gifts and see their children's faces when presents are exchanged. We ask that you consider taking more than one mitten as the demand this year is great.

If you don't like to shop, Helping Hands will take donations of money or gift cards to help the group purchase items for those people whose mittens weren't selected, or for those whose mittens were selected, but no gift item was returned to the Library. Please adhere to the December 18 deadline so that Helping Hands can determine how much shopping their volunteers need to do, and, most importantly, can distribute the gifts in time for a family's holiday celebration.

Thank you for caring!

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