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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Look Up!

Earlier this month we had a gorgeous full moon. The moon is now waning. How do I know that? By checking the widget that has been added to the right-hand side of this page. It comes courtesy of MoonConnection.com.

There is plenty going on in the sky if you just take the time to look! This month there is also the Ursids meteor shower coming our way--a relatively small one, but still it's an amazing sight to "catch a falling star."

To learn more about what you might find in the sky, look for Turn Left at Orion: A Hundred Night Sky Objects To See in a Small Telescope-- and How to Find Them by Guy Consolmagno [523 CON]. If you don't have a telescope, borrow our Orion StarBlast 4.5" telescope [KIT TELESCOPE]. If you think you may need an introduction to astronomy, then sign up for the Library's Winter Skywatch taking place next Wednesday at 5:00.

Some of you oldies may remember "Catch a Falling Star" sung by Perry Como and included on The Very Best of Perry Como [CD MALE VOCALIST COM].

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