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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

A Resolution!

It's now the new year, and many resolve to do things differently in 2017, for example, eat more vegetables or get more exercise. Some even go so far as to embark on the latest celebrity-promoted diet. Might I suggest that you follow the Nesmith Library Chocolate Diet instead?

Not a diet of chocolate food, but a READING diet of chocolate-themed books! Yes, there are such things! And they're not just for kids! There's no deprivation involved and there are no hidden costs. All you need is your library card!

We have chocolate treats for everyone!

Bosch, Pseudonymous. This Book Is Not Good For You. [J MYS BOS]

Bright, Rachel. Love Monster and the Last Chocolate. [JP BRI]

Colgan, Jenny. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris. [eBook]

Corrigan, Maya. Final Fondue. [eBook]

Evanovich, Janet. Turbo Twenty-Three. [F EVA, AB/CD EVA, eBook, eAudio]

The Only Thing Better Than Chocolate. [SC ONL]

Runcie, James. The Discovery of Chocolate. [F RUN]

Selfors, Suzanne. The Sweetest Spell. [eBook]

Sullivan, Tara. The Bitter Side of Sweet. [YA SUL]

Zevin, Gabrielle. In the Days of Love and Chocolate. [YA ZEV]

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