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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Masterpiece Theatre

The first episode of PBS's "Masterpiece Theatre" aired on this date in 1971. The first series to air was The First Churchills and it was followed by many others that gained huge viewer followings. Probably the most remembered of the earlier offerings is Upstairs Downstairs [DVD TV SERIES UPS]. Poldark [DVD POL] and The Jewel in the Crown [DVD JEW] also enjoyed great popularity.

Recent "Masterpiece" hits are Downton Abbey [DVD TV SERIES DOW], and a remake of the early hit, Poldark [DVD TV SERIES POL], the third year of which is currently in production!

Beginning next Sunday is Victoria, which explores the life of the long-reigning British monarch, Queen Victoria. PBS has created a page offering, "everything you'll need to know before watching Victoria. Click here.

You may remember the very proper, Alistair Cooke, who hosted "Masterpiece Theatre" for many years at its beginning. He was so well-known for his part as host that "Alistair Cookie," a Sesame Street Muppet character was created! The show he hosted? "Monsterpiece Theater"!

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