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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Stories of Baked Goods?

As mentioned yesterday, February is Bake for Family Fun Month. I listed a few books to get you started baking with your family. After you've baked a loaf of bread or some cookies and cakes, it's time to make a cup of tea, or pour a glass of milk, and enjoy the result. While doing so, read a book about baked goods to your kids. Yes, there are such things!

Christelow, Eileen. Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake. [JP CHR]
Five little monkeys try to bake a cake for their mother's birthday without waking her up.

Nakagawa, Chihiro. Who Made This Cake? [JP NAK]
While a boy and his parents go for an outing, little people invade the house and use their big construction equipment to bake a cake.

Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie. [JP HER]
While visiting her grandparents, literal-minded Amelia Bedelia finally learns, despite some mishaps, how to bake an apple pie.

Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton. The Good-Pie Party. [JP SCA]
Posy Peyton and her friends are very sad that she will be moving away, but when they try to cheer themselves up by baking a pie, they realize that Posy's leaving does not have to mean saying goodbye.

Teevin, Toni. What to Do? What to Do? [JP TEE]
Happy to have some companionship, Sophie bakes bread for visiting birds, but finds she has a problem when they will not leave.

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