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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Going Ape

On this day in 1933, the movie King Kong had it premiere in New York. It was reviewed in the New York Times the following day under this headline, "A Fantastic Film in Which a Monstrous Ape Uses Automobiles for Missiles and Climbs a Skyscraper." That just about says it all! To see an ad for the film that was in the paper on March 1, click here.

We have a copy of the 1933 film in our DVD collection [DVD KIN], as well as the 2005 remake [DVD KIN]. And, as if that isn't enough monkey business, we also have Son of Kong [DVD SON], a sequel from 1933.

Kids interested in how movies were made can pick up The Children's Book of the Movies: Explore the Magical, Behind-the-Scenes World of the Movies [J 791.43 CHI], which has a chapter on King Kong.

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