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Friday, March 03, 2017

Poetry Friday--"Hippos on Holiday"

When you read the title did you think I was going to feature a poem from our children's room collection? Wrong! Today's poem is by one of America's most beloved living poets, Billy Collins. And, since it is also the week following the Academy Awards ceremony, I think it is also apropo that it is a poem about the movies!

Without further ado, here is "Hippos on Holiday" from Ballistics: Poems by Billy Collins [811.54 COL]:
Hippos on Holiday

is not really the title of a movie
but if it was I would be sure to see it.
I love their short legs and big heads,
the whole hippo look.
Hundreds of them would frolic
in the mud of a wide, slow-moving river,
and I would eat my popcorn
in the dark of a neighborhood theater.
When they opened their enormous mouths
lined with big stubby teeth
I would drink my enormous Coke.

I would be both in my seat
and in the water playing with the hippos,
which is the way it is
with a truly great movie.
Only a mean-spirited reviewer
would ask on holiday from what?

I hope it made you smile! It did for me. Did you know that March 22 is Billy Collins' 76th birthday? Happy early birthday, Mr. Collins! Who know, we may celebrate it again later in the month, too! For now, you should head over to My Juicy Little Universe where undoubtedly there will be more Billy Collins poems to delight you!


  1. Oh Mr. Collins, how I agree with you! Now how could anyone not read this and smile! Though, I don't think I'd want to be in the water playing with hippos - I think I'll stick to watching them on the screen! ;)

  2. I think I might like to take a holiday in Billy Collin's imagination... maybe just for a long weekend.

  3. I agree with Michelle that this poet's imagination would be a great place to vacation!

  4. This poem reminded me of a hippo my husband and I saw many moons ago when we were in Spain, I wonder if Billy Collins saw ( or thought about) the same one . . . Fun poem !

  5. Great ending! Thanks for sharing this new-to-me poem, Diane!