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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Amoskeag Fishways

It's a special time of year--when certain fish (known as Anadromous fish) travel up river to spawn. That means the Amoskeag Fishways in Manchester should be on your list of places to visit during April vacation week.
The center houses an impressive interactive exhibit hall that allows visitors to explore the Merrimack River. The exhibits focus on the Merrimack River watershed, historical use of the Amoskeag area, and river wildlife. Visitors can view live turtles, frogs and salmon, play a salmon migration game, generate electricity, and more. In May and June, visitors can experience the unique opportunity to view migrating shad, herring and sea lamprey in our underwater viewing windows. These windows look into a 54-step fish ladder that allows migrating fish to swim around the Amoskeag Dam and continue on their way up the river to reproduce.
If you've never been there, take it from me, it's awesome watching the valiant creatures tackle the fish ladder!

Tomorrow there is a special event scheduled:
2017 Fish Festival
Featuring Dash and Splash
Thursday, April 27
10 am - 3 pm

Line up and cheer on biologists when they deliver fish to stock our fish passage at 10 am. Our fish ladder is open but the wild anadromous species have yet to swim up the Merrimack River. While we wait, the stocked fish will be here for up close underwater viewing. Fish crafts, fish hats, fish games and fishy fun throughout the day!
Cost: $3 per person, $6 per family (fee does not cover extended family). No registration required.

For a copy of Amoskeag Fishways' newsletter, click here.

Before or after your trip, come to the Library to borrow one of these:

Eyewitness: Fish. [J DVD EYE]

Greenberg, Paul. Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food. [333.956 GRE, also eBook]

Huggins-Cooper, Lynn. Freaky Fish. [J 597 HUG]

Lundblad, Kristina. Animals Called Fish. [J 597 LUN]

Royston, Angela. Fish. [J 597 ROY]

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