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Friday, June 16, 2017

Poetry Friday--Local Booby News!

There has been quite a hubbub in town over the past week due to the spotting of a Brown Booby, a bird that, as far as we know, has never been seen in the state of New Hampshire. The Brown Booby is, according to the information provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology,
A widespread seabird of tropical waters, the Brown Booby ranges as far north as the Gulf of California, and rarely to both coasts of the United States.

Spotted on Cobbetts Pond, Windham, news quickly spread to bird-lovers throughout the New England area. The pond has been overrun by journalists and photographers. Reports have been running in local media; click here, and for one with a video, here.)

Here's a video of a Brown Booby on Christmas Island (which is a territory of Australia):

The setting is nothing like Cobbetts Pond!

I didn't find a poem about the Brown Booby, but I did find this by James Tate:
The Blue Booby

The blue booby lives
on the bare rocks
of Galápagos
and fears nothing.
It is a simple life:
they live on fish,
and there are few predators.
Also, the males do not
make fools of themselves
chasing after the young
ladies. Rather,
they gather the blue
objects of the world
and construct from them

Read the rest and listen to an audio here.

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This should be a summer to remember here in Windham!


  1. Anonymous6:15 AM

    I sure hope all the attention doesn't scare your brown booby away!

  2. So glad that the female is so wholly satisfied by a blue bit of foil. I hope your brown booby has a fun time!

  3. Awesome news about this sighting, Diane. A very favorite bird is the Blue Booby. My first sighting was on the Sea of Cortez, a trip with students. They are amazing to see. Thanks for the poem, new to me.

  4. I wonder why the brown booby is there!? I loved "The Blue Booby." Thanks, Diane.

  5. How exciting! I have learned something new about this interesting bird through this poem. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful poem! Is that really true about the boobies? Off to research...

  8. How cool to have so much excitement and to find a poem to match!

  9. We both chose a bird to honor this week! Mine is the hummingbird. Thrilled to learn about the Brown Booby. And it was, of course, good for a giggle! -- Christie @ https://wonderingandwondering.wordpress.com/

  10. This sounds like the basis of a picture book - the little lost booby! ;-)

  11. Way cool to get a "life bird" right in your own back yard (or pond, as the case may be).

  12. How exciting!!! Thanks for sharing this with us Diane the video and photos are wonderful, as is "The Blue Booby" poem. Let us know if you get to see the bird yourself.