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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The National Week of Making

Sorry I learned about the National Week of Making, June 16-22, just as it is winding up. However, any week in which you can make something and be creative is a week to celebrate!

So what do the buzzwords "making" and "makerspace" mean? In the library world they can be defined as
an area and/or service that offers an opportunity to create intellectual and physical materials using resources such as computers, 3-D printers, audio and video capture and editing tools, and traditional arts and crafts supplies.
I think that's a pretty comprehensive definition. For a library such as the Nesmith Library, where we don't have a large area that can be devoted to equipment and soundproofing, we make do (pun intended) with occasional structured activities for kids and teens in our multi-purpose room such as LEGO® building, coding workshops, and arts projects. We also have Makerspace kits in the children's room that kids can use within the Library. The kits contain Magformers and Magformers magnets, Snap Circuits, and Brainflakes, to name a few (ask in the children's room for more information).

There are commercial spaces that are popping up across the country where a "maker" can go and use tools and other equipment, and share knowledge and resource with others. But for smaller needs, you may be able to use the Library. Don't forget we have a few tools here for borrowing such as a Dremel 7700 two-speed rotary tool with 15 accessories [KIT 621.9 DRE] or the Qooltek Laser Levelpro 3 [KIT 621.9 QOO].

Borrow the magazine Make: Technology on Your Time [MAG MAK] to see what projects others have created and written up to share.

Or, browse our shelves for books such as Electronics from the Ground Up: Learn by Hacking, Designing & Inventing by Ronald Quan [621.381 QUA] or 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius by Brad Graham. (We don't judge your motives here at the library!)

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