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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Windham's 275th Anniversary

I meant for this to post yesterday, but I neglected to change the status from "draft" to "publish." So, now, without further ado...

This summer should be an exciting one around town because Windham is celebrating its 275th anniversary! There will all sorts of fun and educational events, including outdoors movies, a barn dance, and a graveyard tour! (For a complete schedule, click here.)

Here at the Nesmith Library we will have a special "Meet and Greet" with the Boston Bruins official mascot, Blades, and guest reader Town Administrator Dave Sullivan on August 9. (Great photo op for the kids!)

In preparation for the events that will be taking place August 4-17, the Celebration Committee is asking the children of Windham, kindergarten through high school, to contribute art work and writing that will be the inspiration for a special edition hardcover book. Three pieces of art will be selected for the front and back covers and the title page. Student submissions will be part of the "Literary and Visual Celebration: Bridging the Present to the Past," which will be on display at Searles School on August 6.

Here at the Nesmith Library we are collecting entries, which must be accompanied by a completed application and parental release form.

The Library will also be a pick-up and drop-off spot for instructions and completed answer sheets for the Scavenger Hunt.

Get ready to celebrate our town and its history!

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