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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Unusual Items

You may have noticed a bit of shelf emptying and shifting going on in the area formally known as "Reference." We now have a small display of "hot" bestsellers available for a one-week loan. The collection we refer to as "Unusual Items" has been moved to directly behind the the "hot" books.

In case you don't know what's in our collection of "Unusual Items," here are some of the items you can borrow--they are not books, DVDs, or musical CDs!

  • Orion StarBlast 4.5" telescope
  • Loom knitting primer kit
  • Bounty Hunter metal detector
  • Games
  • Kill A Watt energy detector
  • Learn to crochet kit
  • Soprano ukelele
  • Laser level

And there's more! Have you heard about the lawn game from Sweden called Kubb? We bought a set so you can try it out before buying one of your own.

Everything goes out for two weeks and may be just what you need to help you finish a project, or introduce you to a musical instrument. Come visit the Library and see what we have. We're looking to purchase more items, so your suggestions are always welcome!

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