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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Poetry Friday--Remembering Donald Hall

Essays After Eighty [814.54 HAL]

Donald Hall lived in New Hampshire for so long that people assumed he would be our resident poet for decades more. Sadly, this was not to be--he passed away this week at 89. He will be missed.

A truly heart-felt tribute was recorded by Bill Littlefield for WBUR in Boston. It is short and worth listening to:

Hall was everyone's poet when he served as U. S. Poet Laureate, 2006-2007.

For today I'm posting an excerpt from "We Explore Grief's" found in The Museum of Clear Ideas: New Poems [811 HAL]:
Or say: All tears
weep for the weeper.
The tissue that dries
our eyes is a clear
understanding that this
disappearance we
complain of will drop
oblivion's lid
over us soon enough.

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  1. It is a nice podcast of him. Would that we all have such words left behind as Donald Hall left. A customer at the bookstore found our only copy of one of his collections yesterday, and was joyful at the finding. It was a nice moment here, so far from where he lived, to know that people everywhere were thinking of him. Thanks, Diane for sharing your own stories.

  2. Such a lovely - and sad - post!

  3. Such a lovely tribute to a much-loved poet.

  4. I'm excited about grace of any duration...Thanks for this, Diane.

  5. What a gorgeous way of bringing Odysseus into a poem in tribute to a ball player, sorry to hear of his passing, thanks for sharing him with us Diane.