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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Look Up at the Moon

Guess what? If we don't have snowy skies on Sunday, January 20, we should be able to see a total eclipse of the moon at 9:15 pm. It's also a Super Blood Moon! And, if you borrow folk terminology, which labels the first full moon of the new year as a "wolf moon," then Sunday's moon will be a Super Blood Wolf Moon!

How cool is that? Sky & Telescope magazine has a detailed explanation of this weekend's celestial phenomenon, click here.

Little ones, with early bedtimes, will miss the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Before they drift off to sleep, read one of the classic Frank Asch Moonbear books. Of those books, my favorite one is Happy Birthday, Moon [J ASC]. Other titles that include the moon are Mooncake [JP ASC], Moondance [JP ASC], and Moongame [JP ASC]. (There are several others that don't specifically have the moon as a "character," but are fun just the same.)

When the weather grows warmer and skies are predicted to be clear, borrow the Orion StarBlast 4.5" telescope we own, and take the family outside for a little nature, science, and memory-making.

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