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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Mousekin's Golden House

Sometimes readers like to revisit some of the books that remain in their childhood memories. One such book is Mousekin's Golden House by Edna Miller [JP MIL]. The book was first published back in 1964! It is long out of print, but we still have a paperback copy on our shelf.

Why is it so memorable? Because it is a sweet story of a field mouse who could be found anywhere in New England. Mousekin comes across a jack-o-lantern that could make a perfect home.

Being as it's November, and jack-o-lanterns have completed their lives as Halloween decorations, it is fun to imagine Mousekin's little adventure taking place in your backyard today. Here are three of the scenes, which were illustrated by the author:

What are some of the favorite books from your childhood?

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